Positive synergies between strong companies with a long history in the self-care industry

When Medica Clinical Nord, with its leading health product position in the Scandinavian market, acquired Natumin Pharma, a company with its own innovation, product development and production, it created a company with a complete offering. We now develop, manufacture and market health and beauty products based using our extensive knowledge and combined experience. Our patented platforms were developed by our own research team in collaboration with the Karolinska and Sahlgrenska institutes.

Our leading brands of food supplements, medical devices and dermatological & cosmetic products are widely sold in the Nordic market, but also to consumers around the world.

The acquisition of Vitalkost AsS creates valuable synergies such as access to a wider product range with several strong brands and new channels for the Nordic market as well as for export.

Medica Nord

2006 Medica is formed. The company focuses on developing and selling nutraceuticals – dietary supplements with clinically and scientifically proven efficacy and safety.
2008 Medica forms Medica Clinical Nord through the acquisition of Norwegian and Danish health food companies.
2013 SCN acquires Medica Clinical Nord, which leads to a leading position in health products in the Scandinavian market.
2014 Nature Invest is acquired.
2016 Medica Clinical Nord acquires Natumin Pharma, which provides access to a modern research and production facility, a number of patented products and around 70 patents.
2017 The company changes its name to MedicaNatumin.
2019 Vitalkost AS is acquired

The history of Natumin Pharma

Natumin Pharma originated from a small local health store, Hälsoprodukter in Tenhult, Småland, that was established in 1948. The Kärnerud family took over the ownership of Hälsoprodukter in the early 1970s and launched several successful products including Siberian Ginseng, Ecomer, Strix and Imedeen. In the early 1990s Hälsoprodukter was sold to Ferrosan A/S but only a few years later the Natumin of today was founded.
Natumin grew quickly and, in 2012, invested heavily in product innovation and in a new modern, high-quality manufacturing unit for production of medical devices, cosmetic products, food supplements and traditional herbal medicines. The new manufacturing unit and headquarters are located in Habo, near Jönköping.

About Vitalkost AS

Vitalkost markets and sells natural health care products and organic food, both under its own brands and international brands. The product range consists of food supplements, natural skincare and food. Food supplements include the Shift, AminoJern, Fast Track, Bidro and Lyprinol series. Vitalkost also has distribution rights for organic foods from Saltå Kvarn, Holle, Purasana, Way Better, Clipper, Whole Earth, Naturata and Tartex as well as for skincare products from Weleda.
The products are mainly sold on the Norwegian market through health food stores, delis, grocery stores, organic stores, pharmacies, and e-commerce. The supplements AminoJern and the Shift series are also exported to the Danish and Finnish markets.
The company is known as a reputable supplier of finer organic foods and food supplements, based on reliable scientific evidence.