On an export level MedicaNatumin works on a business to business model.  That is, MedicaNatumin own and produce the products and our distributors/partners have the responsibility within their territories to market and build successful brands. Our business model works through long term contracts built on solid minimum quantities. These contracts can be for individual countries or through partners who can cover multiple territories at the same time.  We work on a global level and have a presence in almost every continent.

Our partners are also showing an increased interest in our own brands and examples of this is Dermyn and Jabushe that are present on the export market. Our partners invest locally in their territories to actively promote them.

We have many great ideas/prototypes and innovation concepts with the potential of resulting in finished products. Finding the correct partner to work with to bring these products to completion and launch is our strength, working together in the final stages of product development makes our partner feel a part of the finished product.

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