Innovation & product development

We seek to create new products and patents that generate added value for customers and consumers, based on market potential and innovative product development. Our innovation strategy involves identifying new technology platforms that generate opportunities for new patents and products based on scientific expertise.

Product licensing

MedicaNatumin’s products are available for export under our own brand or private label.

Product development

MedicaNatumin has its own laboratory with qualified product developers working on new formulations as well as routines and processes for testing. We also work with several external testing facilities to validate and refine product development, ensuring a high quality and good scientific base. Scientific support is crucial to our product development and it is one of the reasons we cooperate with scientific advisory committees.
We have our own product development pipeline, but we also take the opportunity to partner with companies to develop products.
We look to develop unique patent protected products with appropriate clinical documentation allowing our partners to go straight to market.

Patent platforms

We own several strong global patents technology platforms in the field of dermatology, topical cream applications, odour control, antibacterial and hygiene areas. Our technology platforms provide an opportunity for our partners to take existing products and improve them, either by creating a more cosmetically attractive product for the customer to use or by improving the efficacy of the product itself.
We work with global healthcare companies to increase topical drug delivery, improve cosmetic properties of skin creams and create unique medical device products.

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Some examples of our unique, patented products:

A100HF Hair Formula

Tricutan® Face lift complex

Nåva foot-and nail gel

NOQ Topical Herpes Gel