Production & Quality

In 2012, we moved into our new 5 000m2 production facility in Habo. We have a modern and high-quality production plant where we manufacture dietary supplements, cosmetic and medical devices. We adhere to, at a minimum, quality and environmental legislation, regulations and frameworks. With long experience in the industry, we have found a balance between high-quality standards and efficiency.

We offer several production solutions

MedicaNatumin’s modern machinery is suitable for both small and large production batches and today we can offer the following services:

  • Tablet manufacturing
  • Packaging of tablets and capsules in blisters, boxes and cans
  • Cream manufacturing
  • Filling creams, liquids and gels in different sizes of bottles or tubes

Quality standards
All our products are manufactured in accordance with the applicable regulations for the different product types. We also develop and manufacture on behalf of external partners. Our production facility meets strict hygiene requirements and the air purity is checked regularly. Our production and storage facilities meet qualified climate requirements regarding temperature and humidity. We quality control all incoming materials as well as finished product against established specifications prior to release to customer.

Certifications and approvals


  • Third Party Certified by LRQA / Svensk Egenvård according to the guidelines for Safe Food Supplement to Consumer
  • ISO 13485 certified for medical device
  • ISO 22716 certified for GMP cosmetics
  • GMP-certificate from the Swedish Medical Products Agency for packaging of herbal remedies
  • Certificate of e-labeling of pre-packaged goods
  • Audited according to SMETA 4-pillars requirement / responsible audits program
  • Third party certified for production of medical device according to 93/42/EEC, Annex V
  • FDA inspected facility
  • EU-approved food business operator according to Regulation (EC) No 853/2004 (approval no 6674)
  • Halal certified production of food supplement (Ecomer).

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