The foundation of MedicaNatumin’s business is to offer innovative products and strong brands built on a sustainable and scientific basis. Our goal is to contribute to a positive health trend and to provide improved quality of life through products that treat or support the different functions of the human body.

Product range

Our product range consists of documented solutions in men’s and women’s health, general health and skin care. The products fall into the categories nutritional supplements, medical devices and skin care products. Among the brands are leading nutritional supplements like L-Argiplex and Nypozin and the scientifically documented skin care series Jabushe. We also hold distribution rights for popular nutritional supplements including Astaxin, Ester-C and Kyolic.
In cooperation with the medical universities Karolinska Institute and the Sahlgrenska Academy we have developed our patented platforms used in our: A100 HF (hair growth serum), Tricutan (face lift complex), Nåva (foot and nail fungus treatment) and NOQ (oral herpes treatment) and many more.

Distributor and Partnership

Promoting health and quality of life is something that we strive for at MedicaNatumin and if you or your company would like to be part of this journey and discuss a potential partnership on our current range or discuss a OEM project please contact us on

We aim to bring innovative ideas to the customer/consumer of our products and services.

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