Within MedicaNatumin there is an awareness of our social responsibility. Our goal is to be able to meet the demands of all stakeholders and thereby conduct a sustainable business; in terms of economic, social, ethical and environmental aspects.

The three dimensions of sustainability

MedicaNatumin relates to three sustainability dimensions as follows:


  • Profitable growth
  • Long-term relationships with stakeholders
  • Strong business ethics

– We develop, manufacture and sell products that contribute to the health and wellbeing of our consumers- to increased “quality of life
– We want our co-workers to enjoy their work and feel good; physically and psychologically as well as socially. Therefore, we strive to work proactively and keep updated about any potential risks in the work environment.

– We continuously monitor our environmental impact
– New products are designed and input materials are selected in a way to be environmentally beneficial

Code of Conduct

MedicaNatumin is aware of its corporate social responsibility and our objective is to combine sound business operations with social, ethical and environmental responsibility. Based on this commitment, we have set up the MedicaNatumin Code of Conduct to make our position clear for all stakeholders such as suppliers, employees and other relevant partners.
Our Code of Conduct contains internationally recognised requirements on business ethics, human rights, labour rights, as well as environmental protection. Companies supplying MedicaNatumin with products or services shall comply with the MedicaNatumin Code of Conduct. MedicaNatumin also expects all suppliers to ensure that their own suppliers of both goods and services are in compliance with our Code of Conduct.
The Code should be used as a guide to ensure that everyone acts and is treated the same way. Employees and partners are expected to maintain high ethical standards, at all times, and must comply with this code when carrying out their work for/with MedicaNatumin.

Ethical audit

We have been reviewed and approved in an ethical review by SMETA – Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit. The SMETA audit, conducted every three years, examines the four areas of labour law, health and safety, business ethics and the environment. Membership in Sedex provides access to the world’s largest collaborative platform for sharing sustainability data in the supply chain – providing good conditions for conducting a responsible business.

Continuous improvements

We are ISO13485 certified for medical devices and IS0 22716 certified for cosmetic products. The quality management systems aims at providing a structure and support for daily operations. The certifications are an effective way for us to demonstrate our ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.